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Trimming Services



Weekly Mowing


For our mowing services, you can expect two team members on your property to mow your lawn. For most residential areas, our mowing services take between 20-30 minutes. Commercial properties may take longer, depending on the property size.


When our team first arrives on the jobsite, we ensure there are no hazards or safety concerns. We use only the best pieces of equipment, including zero-turn riding mowers and commercial-grade walk-behind mowers, guaranteeing you get a beautifully cut lawn each time.



Our team is trained to perform a full clean-up after each job. We never leave grass hanging over the curb, and we always make sure to clean up all the clippings. Lastly, we blow off all the hard surfaces. The only sign that we have been to your property will be a freshly mowed lawn.

PLEASE NOTE: We ask that all dog waste, toys, or hazards are cleaned up before your mowing service. All mowing services are performed on the same day each week. Please make sure your gates are unlocked so we can easily access your yard.

If there is ever a delay in our mowing services (such as due to rain or a holiday), we will notify you by email.

Payment Details

Our residential mowing services start at a minimum price of $45.






In the spring, a crew of 2-3 team members will come out to your property and get it ready for the warmer months ahead. Spring clean-ups include blowing out the landscape, deadheading the perennials, vacuuming of the turf area, and the first mow of the season, as well as debris removal. Many of our single family home spring clean ups take about 3 man hours but this can vary by property size, tree coverage, and accessibility.


A crew of 2-3 team members can come out to your property and complete your clean-up in a timely and efficient manner. Fall clean-ups include blowing out the landscape, vacuuming the turf area, and taking the debris away. Many of our single family home fall clean ups take about 4 man hours but this can vary by property size, tree coverage, and accessibility.

PLEASE NOTE: In the fall, we do not deadhead perennials. This is completed in the spring. We also do not include bush trimming during our clean-up services. Trimming services are typically offered in June and late September.

Payment Details

For residential fall clean-ups, our minimum pricing is $300. This includes four-man hours. Our minimum price for spring clean-ups is $225. This includes three-man hours. After the included four or three man hours, each hour costs an additional $75. Payments are made via a pre-authorized credit card. For commercial clients, we also accept checks.


Core Aeration 

Mulch Installation 

      Sod Installation          Shrubs Removal 

Junk Removal




About Castro Lawn Care 

With Us the Grass is Greener

This company is family owned, operated, licensed and insured! Castro Lawn Care has been operating for over 10 years. Our goal is to provide the best commercial and residential lawn care service known in the twin cities. Contact me now to become one of the many satisfied property owners we've helped throughout the years! Schedule Castro Lawn Care as a permanent solution to your lawn care needs! 

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Vicente  has done seasonal work for us for about the past five years.  He is honest, trustworthy, dependable, hard working and does a very good job.  He has been very flexible when asked to do a variety of tasks ranging from lawn care, tree trimming, stacking wood and spring and fall cleanup.  I asked him to clean our screen porch several years ago and it’s never looked so good!  I will never clean it again, as Vicente and his wife did a wonderful job!  Vicente and his wife have also cleaned my son’s home and they were very pleased and satisfied with their work.   Whatever I request, Vicente has been willing to help us out with a smile and a pleasant attitude.  We are so fortunate to have such a fine man working for us.  

I can highly recommend him.

Jane Swenson




Reliable & Trustworthy

Professional & Experienced

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